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When discovering the beautiful Biblical pictures painted by Doris Cox in the dimly lit hallway at University Heights Baptist Church, the Holy Spirit declared them, immediately in the writer’s mind, to be the focus for the Alpha & Omega devotional collection for nursing home residents. The entire staff, including the two church historians giving the tour, turned the lights on offering great encouragement, not only at the moment of discovery, but throughout the project. As each painting was studied, a clear vision was portrayed that a journey for the reader throughout the Old and New Testaments would unfold.

In addition, it was exceptionally clear that God had woven intricate threads from beginning to end of His glorious creation. Also, it was obvious to the writer the Holy Trinity was present throughout the process; Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

As the collection opens, it depicts Genesis as setting the stage for the entire Bible with the book of Revelation describing God’s grand finale. It is also abundantly clear that God was not forced to create the world, but chose to do it as an expression of His love for us. As we study His Word, we are given vivid pictures of how God uses ordinary people like each of us to accomplish His good purposes. No matter how sinful and separated from God we become, through repentance, there is always hope and a way back into His loving arms.

Just think! We are here at this time, living at this address in His glorious creation because He has a destiny for each of our lives. He holds the calendar of our lives in His hand and knows exactly when He will call us into His presence. Let us sing and shout praises to our glorious, mighty and loving God.

Finally, it is important to note that in each poem, the writer has focused on applying the given situation to our lives today. Too often, the Bible is read from a historical perspective, without relating it to self.

In conclusion, both Doris and I felt lead by the Holy Spirit when completing our part of the Alpha & Omega Collection. Above all, it is crystal clear that God is the center of this collection. It is through Him and because of Him all things are possible. Amen!
The Holy Spirit
"Rose"  Stained Glass Window
Courtesy University Heights Baptist Church 
 Springfield, Missouri
Each picture with matching scripture and poem completes one devotional for nursing home residents.  Click a Chapter title to view and/or download the file.  
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"Noah and The Ark"  Painted by Doris Cox
Alpha & Omega
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"Wisdom is with aged men. With long life is understanding."   Job 12:12