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Colene Smyer Hank
EDUCATION: BSE from University of Central Missouri State, Warrensburg, Missouri, MA Ed. from Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio (Emphasis on reading supervision)

CAREER EXPERIENCE: 13 years as an instructor in public schools.

Majority of career was spent in sales, sales management, corporate writer and trainer. Last position was Manager of Education and Training USA, for a nutritional company in New Jersey.

At this point, it is critical for the writer to state that she gives her Heavenly Father total credit for all the above listed achievements. She believes, beyond a shadow of doubt, that God has placed her on earth at this time and location for His purpose. Thus, life to Colene is not about self, but discerning His will for her life, instead.

As a child, she grew up along with two sisters under the watchful eyes of a mother and father who loved God with all their hearts souls and minds. Since her earthly father was a country minister, the family’s entire activities were based around spreading God’s Word and ministering to the community at large. Every one of God’s children was equally important; regardless of race, age, or position. The word rich in her family was defined as always having enough and not longing for more. Since living on a farm meant raising animals and caring for enormous vegetable gardens that were shared with neighbors, responsibility was an everyday lesson for one and all. Thus, developing a feeling of being “entitled” had no chance of surfacing, much less crossing the mind of any member of this hard working family.

Consequently, as the seasons on the farm passed in quiet synchronized rhythm, the sounds and wonderful fragrances of nature provided such a magnificent backdrop that, as a reader, you will find the effects of them splashed across the pages of her writing. In fact, all the collections on this web site for the elderly gave birth because of sharing the abundance from nature with sweet old souls living throughout the community. Therefore, it was during these acts of generosity that respect and admiration for those who had already experienced many years of life emerged, defining them as a fountain of wisdom; a treasure in the community.
Last, it is important to note how important Harvey, her husband of 45 years has been to her work. It is because of his love and endless support that you are able to view this collection of materials designed for the elderly. He tirelessly listened to all the words written and made sure all collections were offered to you, the reader, free of charge. He fully understood that it was not about gaining fame or fortune, but providing material to be used with the elderly.

On her final business flights across the United States, the writer repeatedly heard the Holy Spirit gently, whisper, “Read to nursing home residents,” with such frequency that it brought the following Scripture vividly to her mind from Leviticus 19: 32 that reads, "Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the Lord."

Thus, six months later, she was given the greatest challenge of a lifetime when assigned her first nursing home resident; a sweet little man named Eddie who could not read words or numbers. In addition, his physical condition had not enabled him to experience the great outdoors by touching and observing anything in God’s creation. Therefore, the writer found herself using picture books and changing the words to fit this 68 year old man’s needs. Although it was an enormous challenge, his trust level eventually grew so strong that his head could be seen resting on the writer’s shoulder as they enjoyed fellowship together.

Next, the writer was assigned to Horace, an adorable man whose heart was full to overflowing with love, but could not speak which meant he, too, was unable to read. This sweet man was followed by an eighty seven year old lady, who had been valedictorian of her class, possessed great wit and was as sharp as a tack. Although she could read, her attention span was only 20 minutes before drifting off into sleep.

After searching intently for suitable materials for the elderly, it was found, “'THERE WERE NONE AVAILABLE DESIGNED AROUND THE PHYSICAL NEEDS OF THE AGING BODY!'

Therefore, you are invited to download without charge onto your technical device any of the following materials for your own enjoyment, as well as that of an older person. They are suitable for an elderly person’s aging eyes, ears, limbs; meet their love of color and last 20 minutes in duration. There are collections containing one page (front & back) 20 minute devotionals with poetry, life stories containing 20 minute chapters with matching photographs, and storybooks for all ages. Set your computer on a bedside table and read to the elderly. Enjoy a life changing experience!