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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find answers to questions about Devotional Embers and its use.  If you do not find the answer to your specific question, please complete the above form to send your question directly to the Writer, via email.  You will receive a personal response soon.

We appreciate your questions which help us grow and improve our service to others.
Questions About Using Devotional Embers FREE Books:​

  • Is this material just for older people?  No. People of all ages, Hospice, Stephen Ministers, Congregational Care Staff, Ministers, Choirs and Youth Groups have successfully used it.  Some have even been used at resident's funerals.

  • How is it designed for the elderly?  It is written for 20-minute time segments, in beautiful color.  Contains focused information based on their interests, and allows for versatility to accommodate their mental acuity.

  • How do the collections differ?  
        Look below at the following titles and descriptions.  VARIETY! 

                 Collection  1)   "Alpha & Omega"
                 Collection  2)  "Fruit of The Spirit"
                 Collection  3)  "Jesus Is... The Heart of It"
                 Collection  4)  "Reflections on Psalms of Ascent"
                 Collection  5)  "Stitches of Faith"

  • Collections 1 through 5, contain single devotionals consisting of two pages; a picture  with scripture below and a matching application level poem.  You can use them on a technical device or run off a hard copy to leave behind.

                 Book  6)  "Sketches of Compassion"
                 Book  7)  "Without Love"

  • Books 6 and 7, are exciting stories about unique individuals; one who was an instrument of God's love and the other a world renowned fashion designer of women's clothing; each to be read in 20-minute Chapters with matching photographs.

                Short Story   8)  "Little Heart"
                     Short Story   9)  "Wrinkles"
                Short Story 10)  "The Culvert Cats"
                     Short Story 11)   "In Gramme's Shoes"
                     Short Story 12)   "Gramme's Engaged"

  • Short Stories 8 through 12, offer a change of pace and are for all ages, and residents absolutely love to read right along with you. Since all their layers of self consciousness are gone, they let their emotions freely flow throughout the story as they express unrestrained feelings.

  • Can this material be used with large groups of elderly people?  Since the elderly have vision, hearing and dexterity issues along with a limited attention span, using on an individual basis is recommended.

  • Have the materials been tested?  Yes.  In order to prove the material ENGAGED the residents, the program was used by Congregational Care Groups, by Stephen Ministers, Health Care Activity Directors and Ministers.  In addition, a blind study was conducted by a Minister in Atlanta, GA and a random test by 35 ladies with residents of a local health care facility.

  • How is this program unique?  There is absolutely nothing available designed with the needs of the elderly in mind.  This is a first!  Enjoy!

  • How do I use the material when reading to an elderly person?  Sit beside the individual, holding your technical device of choice and share the words and pictures with them.  If the person is bedridden, rest your technical device on a bedside table that has been moved in front of him/her and follow the same procedure as described above.  

  • If you are reading Chapters from Books 6 or 7, sit beside the individual, allowing them to listen and then end the time by viewing the matching pictures that occur at the conclusion of each chapter.  

  • If you are reading a book for all ages, place the reading device in front of the resident as described above.  They will be comfortable with your device and feel they are simply watching television.

  • What are important things to remember when in the presence of the elderly?  Ask them if they can hear your voice and love on them.  If you are afraid to touch their aging bodies, stroke the top of their head gently, in a petting motion.  If you feel comfortable in offering a prayer, say a blessing before you leave.

  • How do I connect with an elderly person at a nursing home?  Simply call the nursing home of your choice and speak with the activity director.  He/she will happily match you with an elderly individual to enjoy reading to.

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​The Writer, Colene Smyer Hank, encourages you to share your experiences using her work, along with any ideas, comments and feedback you may have.  Please use this form to submit your thoughts directly to her desk.