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If you desire to enrich the residents’ lives in your facility and are not afraid “to rock the house,” this collection is for you. Launching this program means you will:

  • Hire an energetic activity director that loves the elderly and welcomes change

  • Budget dollars that will allow this department to flourish

  • Include yourself and your staff by participating and supporting the efforts with the realization that the activities are truly an integral part in each resident’s care plan.

In so doing, you will quickly recognize that this department is literally viewed by relatives and community members as the very face of your healthcare facility. The impression you make on the outside world will be enormous. Word of mouth will cause community members to choose your facility due to the joy that is witnessed upon arriving for each visit.

Activity Directors
If you are an eagle and desire to soar to new heights, then you will find the “GRAMME ROCKS” collection as a resource to be treasured. 

Community Members
Placing your loved one into a health care facility is one of your most important and challenging decisions in life. If you want peace of mind knowing your loved one is being engaged in fun and energizing activities, “GRAMME ROCKS” is the collection for you.

In your search for the “right” health care facility, observe carefully the activity department from the perspective that it is an integral component of your loved one’s overall care plan. If you sense an administrator with an open mind, share the collection with him/her. Excellent administrators are always desirous of growing and welcome change. 

AS A COMMUNITY MEMBER, SHARE THE COLLECTION WITH EVERYONE! After all, it is all creations’ responsibility to make sure we obey God’s commandment to “RISE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE AGED, AND SHOW RESPECT FOR THE ELDERLY”!

By making others aware of “GRAMME ROCKS”, you will give the elderly a reason for living, prevent them from being lonely, and touch them deeply with the love and respect they deserve in the sunset of life. Amen!
"Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly
and revere your God.  I am the Lord"    Leviticus 19:32
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Each activity listed provides instructions, supply list, pictures of the activity being performed, and much, much more.  Click on any activity to download its information.