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This collection of poems called “REFLECTIONS ON THE ASCENDING PSALMS” is a personalization of the 15 Psalms of Ascent in the Old Testament that warms the heart of both the reader and the listener. They are designed as a tool to be used while in meditation alone, or as a way of sharing the abundant love of God with others. It has been recommended that the listener be invited to close his eyes and let the words become a healing balm for the spirit. These words were written as a result of much prayer and listening to the still small voice of God, where the writer became an instrument and God the author.

Join the writer on a journey of life with the goal of ascending to God’s Holy Jerusalem, City of Mt. Zion. Feel the ebb and flow of the journey as each step is taken with the objective of being at home with God.

The Old Testament Book of Psalm provides comfort to the reader because it addresses human emotions on all levels. It is easy to visualize the Children of Israel saying or singing these Psalms as they made their pilgrimage of ascent to the temple God.

Because of the cross, as Christians, we have an added depth to apply as we read the Book of Psalm. We now can focus on God’s Holy City, New Jerusalem as our future home of eternal life. The New Jerusalem is described as being made of pure gold because God places it as His most valued thing in all creation. When Christ’s body of believers, called his bride, is united with Him, then God’s New Jerusalem will be complete. Because of the cross, there is a new light in the darkness of the journey of life that offers hope and courage to ascend the 15 steps. A spectacular picture, most of which came from the beautiful Ozarks, has been included with each poem that adds extra dimension to the writer’s words.

The grand finale is the gift of eternal life, a poem called, “Oh! Sweet Jesus!” It assists the reader in applying the New Covenant, which personalizes the poems even more. Because of the cross, Christians never have to say goodbye, for they will see each other again in heaven. That by itself is a psalm that causes the spirit to soar like an eagle and shout for joy. 

Much appreciation goes to God’s community of believers that offered
encouragement as each step was ascended. Some encouraged, while others read every psalm and rejoiced over each God inspired word. Last, a special thanks to Eddie and Horace, two very special friends in the nursing home, who offered such unconditional love, that the obstacles and hard times became easier. Please note that the 15 Psalms of Ascent were the catalyst for the collection of 16 poems called “RELECTIONS ON THE ASCENDING PSALMS.”
Reflections on Psalms of Ascent
Stained Glass Window
Courtesy of St. Paul United Methodist Church
Springfield, Missouri
Each picture with matching scripture and poem completes one devotional for nursing home residents.  Click a Chapter title to view and/or download the file.  
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Photo taken at Nathaniel Greene Park  Springfield, Missouri
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"I have done it, and I shall carry you; and I shall bear you, 
and I shall deliver you."   Isaiah 46:4