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On this journey called life, it is an indescribable joy when one crosses the path of an individual who appears to have the heart’s door wide open, allowing love to continuously flood the lives of others like a peaceful brook. The glory and wonder of it all appears like a gentle beauty that serves as a feast to the hungry souls of mankind.

This powerful description fits a kindly old soul that belonged to Mary Josephine Pascall; an elderly resident who was working her way toward 90 years of age when the writer made her acquaintance. It was a common occurrence to witness her only working arm pushing her wheelchair up and down the nursing home hallways, delivering words of encouragement to residents and staff throughout her ten years in residential care.

Although this was an unusual behavior to many people, for Mary, it was simply an extension of a life well live; a habit she practiced all her days on earth. It also explains when, at the time of her departure from this life, lines of people could be seen approaching her bed to bid her farewell. They would sing to her or kneel at her bedside offering thanks and words of praise. Then, as if on cue, the sunset on the day of her entrance into heaven, filled the entire western sky with a beautiful iridescent red; her favorite color. Miss Mary was dancing with Jesus; her very best friend.

As you open the page of Mary Joesphine Pascall’s story called, “WITHOUT LOVE, YOU’RE JUST A BALL IN HIGH GRASS”, you will have great difficulty in finding a stopping place. From beginning to end, her story captures your interest and makes you hungry to meet this unique woman of God.

As an orphan at age 3, you will grieve for a little girl that was unwanted because of her young age and rejoice loudly when her landlord answered the calling of the Holy Spirit, adopting Mary as her very own daughter. Unforgettable moments like the time when she had to suck a cow’s teat for much needed nourishment will forever stay in your memory bank.

Additionally, you will walk the road of discrimination with her and feel the ugliness that mankind dished out to people of color in such a dramatic shameful way that you will shed giant tears of sorrow. Yet, this little girl held her head high and loved her brothers and sisters of every color. All were welcome in her life; especially children.

Download this wonderful story and enjoy the matching pictures found at the conclusion of each 20 minute chapter, and fall hopelessly in love with this wonderful lady. Mary’s earthly journey is so powerful that people of all ages will find her life’s story intoxicating to the soul. In fact, Mary was loved so much by the staff at her facility that her personal copy of the book was borrowed by employees, read during the night when she was asleep, and returned by the time she arose. Just like them, you will love her, too! Amen!
Without Love, You're Just a Ball In High Grass
Josephine Pascall "The Prayer Warrior"
Each picture with matching scripture and poem completes one devotional for nursing home residents.  Click a Chapter title to view and/or download the file.  
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Mary Josephine Pascal, Woman of Honor Award 2010
Springfield, Missouri
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"Pray without ceasing."   Thessalonians 5:17