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We never know what waits around the bend; a plan that most certainly had to come from God, our Master Planner. Perhaps the fact that we are only presented with the events in life we can handle, allows us to savor each day’s blend of happy and sad experiences. However, there are times in our lives when we witness friends and loved ones holding up under burdens that seem impossible to bear.

Thus, it was exactly a time like this when a letter addressed to the writer shocked her mind with such force that it served as the motivation for the creation of a character called Little Heart; a young boy who possessed the wisdom only God can provide.

A high school friend, Dean, who served as a brother during those youthful years of yesterday had faced the cataclysmic dilemma of a failing heart due to the destruction caused by a vicious virus. Only a heart transplant would extend his time on earth; a medical process that would need to be completed soon. Upon hearing the shocking news, the writer’s courageous childhood friend stunned even his own close family members by replying, “Oh good! Now I will get to see my grandchildren grow up!”

Then, after successfully going through life changing surgery, feelings of self pity were not even on his radar screen. Instead, he would arise each day with an enormous smile on his face and joyfully proclaim, “Isn’t it grand that I was given this extended time? For me, every day is a holiday and every meal, a banquet!”

Therefore, it is a pleasure to introduce you to the book for all ages called, “THE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE HEART.” As you can imagine, the character not only possesses a tremendous outlook toward life, but has also been blessed with an extraordinary heart beat, “Give-give, Give-give, Give-give!” This special rhythm not only is inspiring to everyone he meets but also allows him to face each dilemma with built in solutions; until he meets a man with a broken heart. (Dean’s caricature) How does one deal with a broken heart?

Consequently, it is at this time, dear reader, that Little Heart recognizes his answers have always, and will forever, come from Jesus; his source of life; an important lesson for all mankind to learn.

The unique illustrations drawn by Trista Winn using colored pencils create unusual, but simply lines to show emotion on the characters’ faces causing this inspiring story to literally jump off the page into the reader’s heart. The greatest gift of all, love, takes root allowing the internalization that it is more blessed to give than receive; a fact that was substantiated as the writer read the book aloud to a nursing home resident while sitting at a table. As the story unfolded, the table beneath the book began to shake due to wheelchairs of interested sweet old souls trying to get within closer proximity.

Therefore, it gives the writer great pleasure to invite you to download this book onto your technical device and share it with young and old alike. Prepare yourself for the brilliance of the glow that will reflect from their face to yours as you read the words in unison. Watch the verse from 1 Corinthians 13: 13, “But the greatest of these is love,” literally come to life before your eyes. Amen!
The Adventures of Little Heart
Two Hearts Became One!
Download the Full Book to enjoy this beautifully illustrated & delightful short story. 
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How do you heal a broken heart?
Short Story
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"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."    
1 Corinthians 13:13