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How many times have we judged others using the process of thought, word, or deed? Is the individual’s outward appearance attractive to our human eye? Is the person attired in the latest fashion, driving a fancy car, and surrounded by all the right people? In a quick glance as we journey down life’s pathways, how often have judgmental thoughts about total strangers we encountered entered our minds? Then, as we view our individual accomplishments through the lenses of our own eyes, how do we measure up deep down inside our hearts?

No matter the season of life, young or old, trying to answer all the above questions can bring on feelings of inadequacy or a sense of failure that produces disastrous results. Rather than focusing on God and inviting him to occupy every square inch of our hearts, thus, allowing his light to radiate from within and brighten our way, we spend a lifetime trying to measure up to human standards.

Yet, 1 Samuel 16:7 clearly defines the dilemma for young and old alike by stating, “Though man looks at the outward appearances, God looks at our heart.” These simple, yet abstract words, if internalized, will allow God to examine, touch and change our hearts forever. Our Lord understands the human heart and knows more about us than we know ourselves. Purity of heart is literally everything to our Heavenly Father.

While grappling with the troubling issues brought on by the human heart, the story for all ages called “Can I Be Your Favorite Today” will offer a refreshing change of pace for both young and old. As Wrinkles, a little dog who believes his outward appearance is the reason for not being loved, desperately tries to rid himself of his enormous wrinkles, the reader will not only heartily laugh at his capers, but identify completely with his motives. The dramatic illustrations completed by a team of students from Cherokee Middle School in Springfield, Missouri, who wanted to advocate for the elderly, literally cause the character of Wrinkles to spring to life. When viewing their drawings, it is obvious they get it!

Additionally, when you read it to the elderly, you will realize instantly that they get it, too! Many of them will not only read it right along with you, but also clearly let you know they would like to hold the poor little dog in their loving arms. As you share this heartwarming story together, be ready to hear their amazing personal struggles while seeking acceptance from others. Who knows? You may possess a strong desire to give Wrinkles a hug, as well.

Download this tender story of a little dog’s journey on the road called “peer rejections” and allow his life changing lessons to enter your own heart.
Can I Be Your Favorite Today?
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Wrinkles, Wrinkles is my name!
Short Story
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"For the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, 
but the Lord looks on the heart."   1 Samuel 16:7
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