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As a child growing up on a farm far out in the Ozark Hills, many people, out of ignorance or the need to push others to the fringes of society, might label those having been raised there as poor and downtrodden. However, the writer would challenge these narrow-minded individuals to redefine the word rich. Those who seem to think that the height of one’s ambition should be that of amassing an enormous fortune, or acquiring a social position, will have a tremendously high learning curve to face while on their earthly journey; all due to an attitude built on exterior trappings; things that will deteriorate or lose importance during the winter season of life, if not before.

As you read the words to “Our Daddy’s Love”, it is the writer’s hope that you will become acquainted with a father that dearly loved his three little girls; so much that the radiance will freely flow directly from the pages of this book for all ages to the core of your own heart.
Certainly, the unconditional love that this special father imparted to his family all the days of his life was only possible because of a strong faith in God; so much that it acted as the very foundation on which his girls planned their present and future direction. No matter the hardships faced or passing of seasons, joy always overcame sorrow, laughter wiped away tears, and music filled their hearts full to overflowing. The following poem, “My Home”, penned by their earthly dad, paints a vivid picture of the cement with which their happy home was built:  

Our Daddy's Love
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Short Story
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"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!  And that is what we are!"  1 John 3:1 

My Home

It may look tattered worn and ragged
This place where we abide
No frivolous joy or gaiety
To warrant our happy pride.
You may search this wide world over
All under heaven's vast dome
In all earth's joy and splendor
You'll find no place like home.

Without the costly velvet rugs,
No gold or carpets fine
Walls simply painted with white and gray
In this humble home of mine.

A place where we can meet with God
And all His blessings share
A place where love shall rule supreme
Through peace, joy and prayer.

You may search this wide world over
And no matter where e'er you roam
In all earth's beauty bright and fair
You'll find no place like home.

Before reading this story, 
to listen to the hymn,
 "God Will Take Care of You"
Piano: Bradley Jent           Flute: Ann Gordon
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