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In this spectacular collection called “JESUS IS THE HEART OF IT,” magnificent stained glass windows from churches throughout the United States are used to show the Son of God as being both the Alpha and Omega; meaning the beginning and end. Through the generosity of churches from every denomination, willing to allow the writer to use their priceless windows, Jesus has been placed at the very heart of God’s plan for all creation.

Consequently, the reader is invited to marvel at the ability of the early artisans to not only thrill the eye with color, but be able to create movement and dimension, through the process of layering techniques, that resulted in windows that are considered masterpieces. Highly recognized techniques by Tiffany are at home in the company of artisans’ works of equal quality. The process and materials used to create these stained glass windows completed so long ago to share God’s Word to all mankind are now a thing of the past due to cost and the changing times.

Thus, when the Holy Spirit spoke to the writer about placing Jesus at the heart of God’s plan for His children by using stained glass windows, needless to say, she was puzzled as to how this could be accomplished. How was it possible to locate the necessary windows depicting the Alpha & Omega? However, that question was coming from the writer’s human mind without taking into account the Scripture that states that nothing is impossible for our God! As you journey through the collection, it is the writer’s hope that you, too, will be reminded that anything is possible for our God. He can use our ordinary gifts and thoughts and turn them into extraordinary treasures.

Finally, above all, it is the writer’s greatest desire that you will clearly and beautifully witness God’s plan of redemption for all his children through His One and Only Son; Jesus. In the gospel of John, Jesus was described as the Word: placing him present from the beginning of time. John 1: 1-2 states, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.”

Additionally, John then clearly stated that the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us; God’s Son who lived on earth full of grace and truth with the mission of becoming our Savior and Redeemer. This same Jesus, who was crucified, died, arose and ascended to his Father will come back down to earth the very same way his disciples witnessed him returning to heaven. He will keep his promise and return for his believers. BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!

Welcome, dear reader, to this scared collection! Enter prayerfully and reverently! Then, enjoy the thrill of a lifetime by sharing fellowship with the sweet old souls of the elderly by downloading the devotionals to your technical device and placing it on their bedside tables and watch their faces shine as their hearts sing with praise to God! Amen!
Jesus Is... The Heart of It
Mercy Hospital Cross
Springfield, Missouri
Each picture with matching scripture and poem completes one devotional for nursing home residents.  Click a Chapter title to view and/or download the file.  
  1 - Opening Prayer
  2 - The Creation
  3 - The Last Adam
  4 - Jesus The Ark
  5 - Stand Firm!
  6 - Ten Commandments
  7 - Spiritual Kingdom
  8 - Prophecy of Daniel
  9 - The One and Only
10 - The Shepherds News
11 - Divine Guidance
12 - Jesus In The Temple
13 - Holy Baptism 
14 - Life's Temptations
15 - Fishers of Men
16 - Matthew's Call
17 - When The Wine Runs Out
18 - Following Jesus
19 - Like Little Children
20 - True Greatness
21 - Child Like Faith
22 - Sermon On The Mount
23 - Martha and Mary
24 - Jesus Wept
25 - Living Water
26 - The Teacher
27 - One and Only Light
28 - The Prodigal Son
29 - Sowing
30 - Sowing and Reaping
31 - A Miracle Meal
32 - Jesus The Consoler
33 - Valiant Woman
34 - Come Unto Me
35 - The Good Shepherd
36 - Feed My Sheep
37 - A Place of Peace
38 - The Sheepfold
39 - Higher Ground
40 - Transfigeration of Jesus
41 - Step Out of The Boat
42 - His Final Earthly Ride
43 - The Last Supper
44 - Thy Will Be Done
45 - Agonizing In The Garden
46 - The Cross Now In View
47 - Walk To The Cross
48 - The Empty Cross
49 - At The Feet of Jesus
50 - God's Timing
51 - He Lives!
52 - Road to Emmaus
53 - Ascension of Jesus
54 - Ascension to Glory
55 - Holy Spirit Arrives
56 - Walk With Him
57 - Write What You See
58 - Worthy Is The Lamb
59 - The New Jerusalem
60 - The New Creation
61 - Behold a Mystery
62 - Rider On White Horse
63 - Christ Returns
64 - Set Your Mind On Christ
65 - I Am The Way
66 - Pray Continually
67 - Look To The Son
68 - Longing For God 
69 - Jesus Is The Heart Of It
70 - Closing Prayer


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"Jesus with Mary and Martha"  
Courtesy Salemsborg Lutheran Parish, Lindsborg, Kansas
The Heart of It
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"Even to you old age, I shall be the same, and even to your 
graying years I shall bear you."   Isaiah 46:4
Courtesy of Schweitzer United Methodist Church 
Springfield, Missouri