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Since only our Heavenly Father knows the life span of each child he so lovingly created, it is obvious the length of time before we sleep is not within our control. Therefore, it is important to take a true measure of how wide and deep our life has been as we walk this short journey in our Lord’s world. Have we listened to the calling of His still small voice and faithfully followed the lead of the Holy Spirit to discern the Father’s will for our life? Have we uncovered how he desires us to use the gifts he so generously bestowed upon us at birth to better his kingdom?

Certainly, as you read the story, “SKETCHES OF COMPASSION,” about a man named Dick Du Puis who grew up in Gueydan, Louisiana, you will soon recognize the silver thread of compassion; a gift he was given at birth surfaced when he was but a small child of five years of age. Then, at the ripe old age of seven, the responsibility he had to endure in caring for his entire family will weigh heavily on your shoulders, as well. This young man, who grew up at a time when the roles of males and females were distinctly defined by society, had to break through barriers that required strength and tenacity only God could provide. Yet, all the while, the acts of compassion that defined his entire personality as a child of our Lord never left him, but grew stronger as each day passed.

This young southern boy, called Dick, always marched to the beat of his own drum and forged ahead with such determination, that he fulfilled his dream as a sought after fashion designer at a time when men simply didn’t sew.

While reading the chapters of Dick’s life, you will find yourself applauding his behavior as a father who raised 8 children, all while designing state of the art women’s clothing. As he climbed the enormous mountains of adversity, you will be touched to the core by the gift of compassion that never failed him. He simply faced whatever he was dwelt in life and turned it into blessings for everyone in his path. His acts of compassion made his children’s hearts sing while he designed clothing that complimented women of all shapes and sizes.

Thoroughly savor every aspect of this wonderful story and view his gifts at work through a collection of glamorous sketches; dreams in his mind that came to fruition as women turned the heads of society while wearing his creations. Then, when you reach the chapter called Fashions By Du Puis, allow yourself the pleasure of being elated as you view the beautiful garments he designed in full color; including a series of magnificent wedding gowns.

Finally, you will rejoice at the fact that now in his golden years, he has chosen a totally different course and wows millions with his quilt creations. Above all, the silver thread of compassion within his soul marches on down the course God has planned for his life on earth. Join the elderly in applause as they celebrate the achievements by one of their own! Amen!
Sketches of Compassion
Retired and still rolling!
Each chapter transports you through the life journey of this amazing designer.  Click a Chapter title to view and/or download the file.  
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Dick Du Puis, Quilters Guild Award Recipient
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“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, 
just as in Christ God forgave you.”    Ephesians 4:32