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My Jewish Messiah
Each chapter with matching paintings serves as devotional reading material for the elderly. Click a chapter title to view and/or download.  
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"And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, 
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."    Isaiah 9:6
Di Matthias Grunewald - The Yorck Project: Wikipedia
Original painting by Lyndsey Standage of Springfield, Missouri
Dear Readers,

It is with pleasure that I humbly introduce “MY JEWISH MESSIAH”; a collection that has taken over 2 years to write due to the complexity of subject matter. Given the approach of weaving Jesus’ background as a Jew into the writing, it was necessary to tap numerous opinions of Bible scholars throughout the world. Thus, without the support of the Brentwood Library in Springfield, Missouri, the journey in gathering research materials would have not been possible. They generously brought in 5 star rated books from all over the United States that allowed the writer to tap the most valuable resources possible.

“My Jewish Messiah” has been written with a very broad audience in mind; that of not only the elderly, but also using a Bible Study format in order to accommodate various groups of people desiring to expand their knowledge of Scripture. Due to the variety of topics discussed, the length of chapters varied. Thus, even though you are reading this to the more mentally alert elderly, you may need more time to cover the chapters. (Meaning you simply break them up into additional sessions) On the other hand, if you are using the material as a Bible Study, you may cover more than one chapter at a time.

****Given the size of the collection, it will be necessary to use technology rather than printed materials. The length simply made the suggestion for printing hard copies not feasible.

1) Reader: Download “My Jewish Messiah” to your technical reader of choice and enjoy with the elderly. You will be able to even enlarge the pictures for greater impact. They will think they are watching TV.

2) Group Sessions: Since the chapters are not overly long, it will be possible to download them directly to your large screen TV and read the material of choice out loud as a group. Then follow with discussions. You can even download the recommended music directly from the site as part of each lesson. (If you have scholars that enjoy homework, you can assign Bible Scripture for them to read ahead of each chapter being presented.) If the technology is not available at your church, it is suggested that you conduct the study in a home setting. Many life groups already use that type of format in order to create intimacy.

Last, it is important to note that all material from has been approached from a nondenominational point of view. Elderly people in a nursing home setting represent a variety of backgrounds and denominations.
It is the writer’s prayer that we all remember God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others. Even though our approaches differ, our desired destination is the same…….heaven!