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Reading Collections
"Jesus The Good Shepherd" window from Pitts Chapel United Methodist Church,
Springfield, Missouri
Dear Father, 
Every picture and word on this site is in Your honor and for Your glory.  May all enter prayerfully and with great reverence, realizing You, O God, are worthy at all times to be praised. Your blessings are requested on each person viewing these sacred words and images.  You are the Great Creator, O Giver of life.  Your radiance fills the entire universe.  May we all forever bow before You in humble adoration.  Amen! 

You are invited to download without charge, any of the following collections of reading materials for your own enjoyment, as well as that of an older person.  They are suitable for an elderly person's aging eyes, ears, limbs; meet their love of color and last 20 minutes in duration.  Set your computer on a bedside table and read to the elderly.   Enjoy a life changing experience!
Click the picture for any book you wish to read.
"Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly
and revere your God.  I am the Lord."  Leviticus 19:32
Short Stories
Delightful and touching from beginning to end.
~ Something For Everyone ~
A full collection of 
Indoor & Outdoor Activities 
designed for the elderly. 
Bocce Ball VIDEO included!
"Music Engagement for the Elderly"  
​The newest collection of Music Activities designed to engage the elderly.
Informative & Demonstration VIDEOS included! 
Find joy and delight in the sound of favorite hymns played by Organist/Pianist, Bradley Jent.
Join Grampe, his grandson, and the forest animals on a joyful walk through the Creator's woods where mystery and drama hilariously abound.
     A Walk In The Woods
Let your heart be full to overflowing as you witness the depth of unconditional love a father bestowed on his three little girls.
Our Daddy's Love
A tender story of love that crosses all boundary lines in reaching out to others in need.
The Culvert Cats
Experience the joy of a loving grandson as he admires his precious Gramme celebrate the winter season of her life with fun and excitement.
Gramme's Engaged
Enjoy the realization of role reversal by a loving grandson who experienced the impact of wearing Gramme's shoes.
In Gramme's Shoes
Click the picture to begin enjoying these favorites.
Devotional Reading Collections  for The Elderly
 Alpha & Omega
A pilgrimage through the Old and New Testaments using original paintings, scriptures and poetry.
Gifts of the Spirit, traits found in the very nature of Christ glow through pictures, scripture and poetry.
Fruit of The Spirit
Magnificant stained glass windows, scripture and poetry place Jesus at the very heart of God's plan.
The Heart of It
A soothing personalization of the 15 Psalms of Ascent through photographs, scripture and poetry.
Elegant hand made quilt pictures with scriptures and poetry written to enhance faith in God.
Stitches of Faith
Intimate story of a woman with a destiny built on Love and the lives she touches on her journey.
Without Love
An unforgettable story of compassion by a man who broke barriers as a fashion designer and father.
Beautiful photographs with matching poetry that show Jesus is truly in the ugly stuff of your life.
Jesus In Life
My Jewish Messiah
This magnificent reading collection is presented in a format suitable for Bible Study.
 Stories of The Saints
This reading collection gives comfort in eternal wellbeing through these beautiful personal accounts.
A wrinkled little dog discovers inner beauty is what counts in life; a heart warming story for all ages.
Lives of all ages will be transformed by mimicking the rhythm of this little boy's special heart beat.
Little Heart
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Wanderings and Wonderings with Opal
Enjoy 30 thought provoking devotionals on the road home of life filled with laughter and compassion.
Dedicated to the Military
Allow Dollie's keen humor to tickle your funny bone as the old house in which she lived tells her story of laughter, love and inclusion.
Dollie's House